PayPal & Playing Slot Machines for Real Cash

General Benefits of PayPal

Although PayPal probably doesn’t need introductions for majority of you, as it is the most known and most used payment provider, here it goes just in case…
Being established almost three decades ago, way back in 1988, PayPal is one of the leaders of the industry and the largest Payment Processor currently operating in the world. It’s used by more than 200 million people transferring over 200 billion in over 20 currencies across more than 200 nations all over the world. Needless to say, to run business on that scale, PayPal needs a lot of people. Thousands of them. Combine all the upper mentioned facts and it is clear as day – PayPal is as secure as it gets when it comes to online purchases and transactions. If you are planning to use your PayPal account to fund casino account and play slot machine games for real cash, continue reading to check out the main advantages of using PayPal as a deposit method in online casinos.

Benefits of PayPal Deposits to Play Slots Online

All said above makes PayPal ideal mean of transferring funds in online casinos as well. Due to its highly encrypted locked system and a step-by-step transaction process it applies to all transactions, PayPal is keeping all your personal information safe from any attempts of steal or abuse.
All this makes PayPal the safest mean of money transfer and the perfect choice if you want to play online slot machines using PayPal. Once you successfully transfer funds to your PayPal, you can use it to deposit in online casino that accept PayPal without worrying about your credit card numbers or bank account details being compromised. They are all secure with PayPal.

Another advantage of using PayPal to move funds in and out of your online casino account is that not all Casinos have PayPal, or, to be more exact, PayPal doesn’t really work with just any online casino. Actually, PayPal works only with selected few casinos as the official policy PayPal has is not to provide its services for anything related to online gambling, casinos, poker rooms, sports betting or live casino. There are, nevertheless, exceptions to this rule.
Only the best and most respected online casinos – trustworthy casinos, casinos you want to play in as you can feel safe and trust them with your hard earned money, are good enough to get the PayPal as a payment option in their cashier.

All of this makes PayPal perfect for two main reasons:

  1. All your transactions and your personal information are completely safe
  2. The casino you are playing in is a reputable and trustworthy, meaning safe to play and you can be sure you are not stuck in a rouge casino where you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.

As of the very end of 2016, the following countries are allowed to make transaction to online gambling sites with PayPal:
UK, Sweden, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Belgium. If you are lucky enough to be the resident of these countries you can use PayPal to move funds to your casino accounts and, in some casinos, to withdraw funds back from the casino account.
On the other hand, despite recent legislations in some states that were in favor of legalization of online gambling, Australian Casinos are still not accepting PayPal. Same story is true for US players casinos as well, where payment processors still refuse to accept transactions via PayPal, despite the fact that several US states passed new online gambling legislations. It seems, for now at least, US, Canadian and Australian players will have to use some other method to fund their online casino accounts to enjoy their favorite NetEnt Slots.In fact, there were some reports that PayPal quietly started to accept legislated US merchants for gambling transactions. However this involved only two gambling websites in the United States. (source & more info:

Among the currencies that PayPal accepts are US dollar, Pound sterling, Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Chinese Yuan, Euro, Japanese yen, Swedish kroner, Mexican peso, and Swiss franc. No matter what currency you use or where you live, you should be able to use PayPal to transfer funds in online casinos and deposit to your account to play all your favorite slot machine games for real cash.

PayPal NetEnt Slots on Mobile

You can do both; use PayPal and play all of your favorite NetEnt Slots on your mobile devices as well, enabling you to spend your free time and relieve stress anywhere. Well, anywhere as long as you have internet connection and casino of your choice allows deposits and withdrawals to be made through its mobile gaming. This comes really handy in case you are traveling or just want to spin for a while in between classes or waiting on you bus ride…

PayPal Alternatives

There are few decent alternatives to PayPal, aside the good old bank transfers and Credit Cards. Most common ones in online Casinos are Skrill (former Moneybookers) that was created especially for online gambling as well as Neteller, who recently bought Skrill and Paysafe Card. Ukash is another valid alternative, although it’s not yet accepted in all countries.

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